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Flow Chart

Flow Chart

While most people that are interested in SEO do it to promote their own blog or website, there are a lot of companies like Compucall web marketing (the company I work for) that need to market quite a few websites for different clients.

This means that we have to keep track of the various marketing efforts we do for each client, keep all documentation in one place and be ready with the relevant reports quickly. Obviously, this is just a short overview of all that needs to be done when working on a site, and usually each person, exept the project manager, is involved with only a few aspects of the web marketing process.

Recently I have finished a C# .net programming course but because I don’t work as a programmer I need to do something so I won’t forget what I learned. So what I came up with was to try and build a simple program that will help with the overall management of the projects.

Ideally, the program should be similar to a step by step wizard that will not let you proceede with the next step untill you have copleted the previous one.

For example,  you shouldn’t be able to start a PPC campaign without first doing keywords research. And you shouldn’t start researching keywords before you do a competitors research and so on… So what I thought I would do is create a flow chart of the entire web marketing efforts from A to Z and try to turn that chart into a program.

I still don’t know exactly how this “experiment” will turn out but I’m sure that I will be more experienced both in programming and project management.

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Web Analytics and Social Media

Social Media analytics

Social Media analytics

A blog post I read today, talks about the ways to measure the ROI of social media investments. According to the post:

…we’re looking for evidence of impact on value creation. Not just the number of blog post responses, or the share-of-voice in the online world, but actual correlations to incremental customer acquisition, retention, and purchase behavior…
…we marketers don’t do ourselves any favors by trying to disconnect it from financial value just because it’s hard to make the links.

It’s true that social media is harder to put value on but it’s not impossible.
There are ways of tracking the value of social media in terms of “hard core” ROI and this is where web analytics comes into play.

Using Web analytics to measure social media ROI

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I learned my lesson

As you can see I’m a little late in posting this week and that’s because I wasn’t sure what to write about.

Finally last night and today an answer turned up in the form of my new photography blog. I created the blog late last night as part of me becoming more involved in my hobby, but as it turned out I got a big reminder of the power of web 2.0 and web marketing.

My new blog’s name is “Kill my pics” which apparently is an intresting name. Interesting enough to bring in two hours more traffic to my 1 day old blog then I ever got in a full day in this blog. 

To let people know about my photography blog I did the same things I allways do. I posted to digg, reddit, technorati, stumbleupon and facebook. I also twittered about it.   The only difference this time is that the title of the post was much shorter and it sounded more interesting.

I was expecting some traffic but i have to say that I was really surprised by how well it did. Most of the traffic came from and a few from facebook – mainly friends of mine.

In short, after writing a good blog post you have to make sure that people who see your titles, in the RSS or anywhere else you will publish it, will also click on the title to go to the post. Your blog title is the first thing they see and the first impresion they get about the post so make it short and interesting as much as you can.

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Writing a good blog post

Writing a good blog post

Writing a good blog post

Last week the Compucall site and blog were up in their new and improved form and we all started to contribute to the company blog.

I had no idea how hard it is writing a good blog post on demand. Even if it is on a subject I know and like. For some people blogging comes easy, not for me. Most of the time I find it quite hard to write a good blog post on any subject while trying to make it interesting enough for others to read as well as trying to remember to make it SEO friendly. I’m not saying I can’t and sometimes it’s easy even for me. My post on getting a page rank 5 was easy and fun to write, but for the most part I find it takes me a while to get the post just right.

For this reason I have decided to always keep in mind a few basic rules for writing a good blog post:
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Compucall Web marketing

As I mentioned in the beginning, this SEO blog was created during a competition we had at “Compucall Web Marketing” where I work.  All the SEO, SEM and web analytics I write about are things we practice daily as we try to do our job well. Part of those efforts will be put into creating a Compucall Blog (CompuBlog) that will be written by the Compucall staff (CompuStaff) including myself.

The main goal of the Compublog is to include as much web marketing information as possible. Some will write about SEO, others will write about Web2.0, web analytics and also about news in the web marketing field, a subject I don’t write enough about (yet…)

Right now both the blog and the site are beig given a very nice and deserving face lift, and once the blog is up in the next two or three days  I will let you know. I will also keep you updated on the latest CompuBlog posts – especially those written by me🙂 . For now, you can go to the Compucall site and play the SEO game that’s there. Try to spot the white and black hat SEO techniques.

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How My Blog Got a Page Rank 5

Ok, as almost everyone I know already heard, (I made sure to tell them every 5 min or so…) a few days ago, my less then 3 months old blog got page rank 5 from Google.

I know page rank is overated and I certainly don’t think that page rank is the ultimate criteria for a site’s quality, but there are a few good things that come with page rank so I decided to try and list why I think I got such a high page rank fron Google.


When I first started this SEO Blog it was as part of the clifinar competition I wrote here about. At that time there were no Clifinar related search results. Now, after Google indexed some 36,100 results on this word it decided my blog is very relevant to the term:

My SEO blog is called the Clifinar SEO blog, and if you look at my tag cloud you can see that it’s still one of the most used word in my posts (I didn’t get around to change it yet, and maybe it’s good).

Also, at some point during the competition I received a few inbound links that were all using the word Clifinar in the anchor text.

My blog is also constantly updated, if not with new posts or pages then by small edits to the content, fixing typing errors or new features I try to add – like my SEO Polls.

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My New SEO polls

I’m writing this short post to let you know that I have just started running a series of short polls to find out more about what pople that read SEO blogs are interested in.
It will start with learning how long you’ve been into SEO and then writing more on those subjects that interest you.

You can find the first poll up on the wright side of the blog.
I will keep you updated as the polls change.

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Long tail keywords and website optimization

The long tail graph

The long tail graph

I was wondering what to write about this week and while going over the blog’s stats I found that a few visitors came to my blog using SEO terms I didn’t activley optimize for. I might have written about those subjects but I certainly didn’t expect to get traffic from searches on those terms.

For example, I wrote a post about social media bookmarking but then I was actually optimizing my posts for the term “Clifinar”

Currently, there are about 9,270,000 search results for social media bookmarking in Google and my blog comes up second (right after wikipedia).

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