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Long tail keywords and website optimization

The long tail graph

The long tail graph

I was wondering what to write about this week and while going over the blog’s stats I found that a few visitors came to my blog using SEO terms I didn’t activley optimize for. I might have written about those subjects but I certainly didn’t expect to get traffic from searches on those terms.

For example, I wrote a post about social media bookmarking but then I was actually optimizing my posts for the term “Clifinar”

Currently, there are about 9,270,000 search results for social media bookmarking in Google and my blog comes up second (right after wikipedia).

Today I logged in to my Webmaster tools account to see the keywords that brought traffic and the position the Clifinar SEO blog ranked for those words in Google. The list is updated to last week but I found something very strange. According to this keywords list my blog ranked 3rd for the term SEO.

I searched the term today and my blog was not ranking in the top 30 results for it, so I have to wonder about the accuracy of the list. Still, one can only hope…

This obviously meant that I had to write about Long Tail keywords and website optimization and the power it has to bring good quality traffic to your site.

The main idea behind the Long Tail is that while most of your traffic will come from a few main keywords, some traffic will come from various, less targeted keywords and phrases. Sometimes if you combine all the traffic that came from the less searched terms you can find that it adds up to quite a nice number of visitors.

The extra added value of the long tail keywords is that they usually are quite relevant to your site and you don’t need to optimize for them. Another good thing is that the visitors that come using long tail keywords are more likely to convert on the site. The reason beeing that the more detailed a search query is, the more serious the visitors are going to be.

For example, someone looking for a fantasy book might search many books and authors before deciding on one to buy, but someone that is looking for a Terry Pratchett Book is more likely to buy one faster, because they already know what they are looking for.

If you want to make a better use of the Long Tail Effect you should start by adding more content to your site. You can also find out what are the most popular keywords from the long tail list and optimize a page for them or even create a new page if the traffic and conversions for those terms are good enough.

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  2. Hi clifinar,

    I write about the long tail and search optimization in my new book Website Optimization Secrets, from O’Reilly. I think you’ll find it interesting reading, more info here at the book companion site:

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  3. Nice and helpful information thanks

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