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Writing a good blog post

Writing a good blog post

Writing a good blog post

Last week the Compucall site and blog were up in their new and improved form and we all started to contribute to the company blog.

I had no idea how hard it is writing a good blog post on demand. Even if it is on a subject I know and like. For some people blogging comes easy, not for me. Most of the time I find it quite hard to write a good blog post on any subject while trying to make it interesting enough for others to read as well as trying to remember to make it SEO friendly. I’m not saying I can’t and sometimes it’s easy even for me. My post on getting a page rank 5 was easy and fun to write, but for the most part I find it takes me a while to get the post just right.

For this reason I have decided to always keep in mind a few basic rules for writing a good blog post:

  1. Always use a catchy title. Make it as short as you can while maintaining a high level of interest. For most blogs your post title will become part of the URL that’s why you should think of your title as a link anchor text and follow that same reasoning. It should include your keywords and be easy to read and understand. It should also arouse your readers’ interest and make them click “the bastard”😉 to see what it has to say.

  3. Optimize, optimize, optimize. Your blog post is as much a part of your site as any other page you might have on it. Use headers, bold text and correct indentation in your post just as you would in a regular page. Try not to make too many spelling and grammar mistakes either. Remember, if you want your readers to come back you have to give them a nice experience – don’t make them work to hard trying to understand what you wrote.

  5. Added value. Your blog post should have something to say. Just re-writing what others are saying might work for a while but if you want to be seen as interesting and worth the time to read you should add to the things other say not just copying them.

  7. Adding keywords. Writing a good blog post is not enough; people have to find it to read it. Adding the relevant keywords in the text will make it easier for visitors to find your blog.  For this post one of my main keywords was “writing a good blog post” . As you can see, I have used it and a few variations of it here without making it look like I struggled too much to place them in the text. As long as the reading remains smooth and natural you’re doing well.

  9. Is it worthy? – O.K, this title I stole from a colleague of mine that wrote a short post on “The Top 3 Questions you should ask yourself before a post goes up “. I won’t add the questions here but I sincerely recommend reading them and keeping them in mind when trying to write a good blog post.

Well, this is my list and I can tell you it’s not as easy as it seems to keep it in mind when writing, but it certainly helps make my blog a better one.

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  1. great tips…. I really impressed.. will try this on my blog… I have a question for you.. hope you’ll help me

    can I put Meta tag information on my blogger blog?

    Comment by IITJEE | August 27, 2008 | Reply

  2. I’m not that familiar with the blogger platform but I know that a friend of mine was able to change the meta tags by going to the template options and editing it. – something I can’t do right now in my wordpress one.
    I think it depends on the theme you are using.

    If you do make any changes to the template be sure you know exactly what you did so you can change it back if you need to.

    Comment by dana_h79 | August 27, 2008 | Reply

  3. […] short, after writing a good blog post you have to make sure that people who see your titles, in the RSS or anywhere else you will publish […]

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  4. […] short, after writing a good blog post you have to make sure that people who see your titles, in the RSS or anywhere else you will publish […]

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  5. Awesome article, thanks for sharing!

    Comment by Josh JOnes | November 7, 2008 | Reply

  6. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

    Comment by sandrar | September 11, 2009 | Reply

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